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Hello. It's very nice to meet you.
Grandmas Follies began as a lark on social media and became a fun loving worldwide community where giggles, sweet memories and wonderful posts were abundantly shared. That's when we realized how important those "Hugs & Giggles"really are. We're all only one good giggle away from happiness

We started to receive messages asking if our social media posts were available for sale in higher quality prints? That prompted us to set up a website and store where everything Grandmas Follies lives. Our goal is to make Grandmas Follies social media, the VIP Newsletter, Blog and store an enjoyable adventure. There's nothing nicer than hearing how much people enjoy the Grandmas Follies community. 

Grandmas Follies has been growing for the last ten years, and now you can find us on Facebook, The Grandmas Follies Private FB Group, Instagram, and Etsy. Want a little more? Receive our VIP Newsletter and get our monthly Blogs. 

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We look forward to sharing time with you.

Hugs & Giggle out Loud 

Grandmas Follies